Saturday, April 18, 2015

Down on the farm

Well, spring has sprung and the grass has riz so to speak, and the cows of Hob Knobby Hollow took off and no one could find them!
 "Let us go look for them" begged the dogs, we have great ears and that should help!
 It was no time at all before the brave little canines found the cows grazing the new grass and chewing some cud.
 Farmer elf could not be more pleased  with his pets. He brought them all back to the barn, gave them treats, and was ever so happy that he always dressed his cows in bells.

Monday, May 12, 2014

A big celebration in Hob Knobby Hollow!!!

Today my feedback score on eBay reached 1000. Wow, that is a lot of little nobbins that were created and sold  from 2008 until now. I had decided that the person leaving my 1000 feedback would receive something as a thank you and here she is.  Her name is Sunni.
This jointed elf will be going to California.

Friday, April 11, 2014

The Morphic Fairy

Every spring I have the urge to make unusual fairies that take on characteristics of an animal. Here are the first of this spring.

They are on eBay starting today 4-11

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Baby dragons!

Spring is coming so they say and it is the time of year that most dragons are arriving. Here are some that were recently spotted.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

NEW TUTORIALS coming soon

I have been working on new tutorials. I also have a month long sale in my Etsy shop where all tutorials are half price. They have already been marked down. They arrive instantly in your email inbox.

 The first tutorial shown here is a group of Pandas. The large one is jointed and can stand on her own. Even easier is the smaller sitting Pandas. Tutorials are all step-by step with many pictures that are small enough that you won't use up all your printer ink when copying but large enough to see the process. I have received hundreds of compliments on my past tutorials. The reason they are a great learning tool is that if you run into any problems or need any help, I'm available  and happy to assist.

 The next tutorial is a celebration of spring even though we have not seen much of it now, we are ever looking for the signs that it is on it's way. THis rabbit scene depicts a rabbit that is pulling a cart of colorful eggs and sweet little chicks. You will make a rabbit. a cart, chicks, and eggs. It isn't hard to do as I have figured out how to make this easy for you to duplicate. The rabbit is questioning how he ever was given the job of delivering eggs near Easter time. Why does a rabbit deliver eggs and chicks? But he does it every year and it is a fun past time to see the chicks hatch and start another spring season.

They will arrive in my Etsy shop soon, so be looking! You can learn how to make these and you can sell what you make from any of my tutorials. You cannot re-sell or share the tutorial itself. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Log Home decorating ideas

Below I have shown a simple way to make a little log home for your favorite fae or critter.
Here are some fun ideas you can try with your log home.
 A baby troll sleeping in a nest inside
 Or a baby dragon in a pod
 A dragon guards the Hobbit inside, and a fairy rests below.
I have added mine to the dollhouse that I'm making into a fae house. This house has just started. There are fairy lights, but will have many more additions as we go along so stay tuned!

Make a lighted log home for your fairy friends!

Here is an easy to make log home that your elves, fairies, trolls and all manner of critter will enjoy.
Start with an oatmeal box that is already round. You can go to your local Dollar type Store and find the accessories you need such as, a battery powered tea light, fabric flowers, and contact paper that looks like wood. which may also be called Magic Cover. It has a sticky side and comes in a roll.
1 Remove the oatmeal from the box  and make cookies with it if you would like.
2 Use an exacto knife to make an entrance hole in the box and a small hole in the lid for the light.

 3. Use the top as a template to cut a floor out of any green paper.
 Measure, and cut a piece of contact paper that is larger than you need and trim after you have it applied.

 Measure and cut a smaller piece of contact paper for the inside of the box.
 Use fabri tac or tacky glue to secure decorations, flowers and trims to the log entrance hole.
Super easy and super fun! Fill it with your favorite log dwellers. Wait ti dark and turn on your light. Magic!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Baby elf born in a snow storm

A wee baby elf was born
in the middle of a winter storm.
Her mom wrapped her in a pod bed
then added a fine quilt she made,

to keep the baby warm.

Boo boo dragon

A baby dragon was just playing with friends,
as dragons love to do.
But, her friends played a bit too rough
which caused a big boo boo.
The dragon cried boo hoo.
Luckily, a doctor elf
knew just what to do.
He brought out his bandage and tape
and fixed the leg

as good as new.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

A new batch of baby fairies to hang up or wear

These little fairies, Leprechauns, mermaid and dragon have holes for hanging and a cord to make them into pendants. They will soon be in my Etsy shop and on Ebay, but I will be making more this week just because they are fun little bits of cheer.