Tuesday, January 1, 2013

An Amazing Journey beyond Hob Knobby Hollow

There is a rumor going around that another travel adventure is in the works. And so it is. We are once again adventure bound!

With the utmost stealth and a bit of morbid dread, my companions and I will go beyond the comfort of Hob Knobby Hollow and struggle through the Thickity Marsh and walk confidently over the Odeous Swamp which is frozen this time of year.

We tried this journey last spring and failed. The wetlands were like a watery grave that tried to pull us in. The Ogres tormented us and the imps were at their mischievous worst. We hope that if we travel through the frozen winter landscape, all dark and sleepy, we can get to places like the Eyesore Atoll, The Magical Mountain of Color and Light, and finally the Goblin Gorge. That was where we almost met our end last year. We hope the goblins are sleepy this time of year.

We are making a field guide to the creatures beyond the Hollow and a map to guide you there. I guess it is easy to understand why the secretive fae would rather not have us there. We must learn about them because we are curious creatures and you are invited to join in

Packing food and fury wraps

dry moccasins and head-warming caps,

We leave today on the paths we know so well

Into the unknown places where strange creatures dwell.

We have camera phones and gps

We hope they work ...unless... unless

The remote area provides no data access.

Just beyond the border we hear such a sound!

Gaiety, laughter and music all around.

We crept to the top of the precipice very carefully

And peering over the edge, what did we see?

A big mouse played a violin with glee

A pan creature and flutist wow wee!
As soon as they saw us they all stopped the song
And looked at us hard and long.
We took a big gulp and tried explaining
We meant no harm and loved their playing!
After some wary silence and such
We all found that we liked each other very much.
These new friends gave us food and wine
We had a great party until half past nine.

Then we settled in for the night
Our first day of travel was pure delight.

Happy New Year Everyone! This is a fitting time for my newest story. I gave a thought to the past year and I only can remember good and even wonderful things that happened. I think this year has already started off wonderful and I expect to continue having a fun and funny time with my characters and with my own life. Hope you are having the time of your life too! Keep learning and creating!

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  1. Hi, I have just discovered your blog and etsy shop and I have to say I'm in love with them. The Nobbins are beautiful and I have loved reading about their journeys through Hob Knobby Hollow. I have to say I was so worried about Piney and the others when they were taken by that Bridge Troll, thank goodness Sporc's Mum saved them. I have used polymer clay before and I think I'm going to purchase the 'PDF tutorial Make a Fairy elf troll gargoyle easy to do' soon and give it go at making some of these wonderful little creatures. Please keep doing what you are doing because you are so talented. I will definitely be reading your blog. - Chloe <3
    P.S Wish the Nobbins a safe journey through Hob Knobby Hollow