Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dragon last of it's kind

These are a mom and baby dragon that will most likely be the last I do with colored clay. I have been trying for a year to blend clay colors to get the right amount of working characteristics- of not being too soft or firm, blending well, and strength of the finished product, along with the hours of blending are neither fun or giving me the result I want. So I'm going back to painting my sculpting clay. It is Super Sculpey at this time. I've tried all the others, but I like the softness and ease of use of Super Sculpey. These two are on eBay now.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

My little fairy special of the month

So you have come all the way to Hob Knobby Hollow and I welcome you here. I love that you took the time out of your busy day to stop in, so I will tell you how you might just capture your own little fairy. If you are on Ebay on SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 15, 2013 at 9:15 Eastern Time (est.) You may see this little fairy pop up. She is a little green fairy named Leaftilda. She will be listed on eBay as $1.00 start bid, or a buy it now for only $5.00! Give it a try! Someone will get her, and this announcement is only going out on my blog and the ebay newsletter.
 Anyone who is reading this is welcome to bid or snap her up. Good luck to all. Also, feel free to leave comments on anything you see, or pin stuff or google +1 it, whatever that really means (I'm not at all sure) 

Removing bad little trolls from Hob Knobby Hollow

We have had quite a time of it this week. There was a meany troll invasion here at Hob Knobby Hollow so we had to take matters into our own hands. We rounded up some trolls that were found sneaking around and brought them in for questioning.
First we found these three characters. Turns out, they are from the Rag-A-Muffin tribe. They were friendly chaps though. Trolls are so comical and they have such wild hair. They have big feet and they love to eat the bugs they find around here.

Finally we came upon a troll most troublesome. He is not a troll you would like to meet. With spikey teeth and a war club that shows he is not so sweet.
 So we locked him in a cage before he goes on a troll rampage.

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Bridge Troll Part 2

As the troll just pondered who to eat first,
A big black cloud thundered and burst.  
But it wasn't rain that then came down so vivid ,

It was Sporc's mom and she was livid!

She pounced upon that ugly troll
and taught him a lesson in no time at all.
 She freed us all from that cage that day
Then she sent that mean troll packing and on his way.
Little Spoc was so proud of her you see,
then he said “now that we are free- Let's Party!”


We have to cross the covered bridge
to get where we need to go.
I heard a huge bridge troll lives there” said Piney
Fern replied “No, that's just is not so.
It is just a rumor that you heard.
Folklore from long ago.”
Suddenly, there he was!
The hugest troll they'd ever seen.
He had a big nose too and looked menacingly mean.
He reached out and grabbed poor Piney
who let out a horrid scream.

Yum, said the troll “A tasty morsel will be your fate,
but lucky for you I just ate.”

They were hung in a tree in such a strong little cage,
that even Red's axe could not penetrate.
Baby Sporc was left to cry for his mom so loud,
he could summon rain out of the nearest cloud. 

As the troll just pondered who to eat first,
A big black cloud thundered and burst.  

There ends our story at least for today. 
Return to Hob Knobby Hollow soon, to see if they find a way,
 not to be a tasty snack for a bridge troll who is as awful as they say.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

An Elephig??

Only a couple of days into their journey and the traveling trolls have discovered a species new to science. It is an animal morph. It is a cross between an elephant and a pig.

I never saw an Elepig 
So there is nothing to compare,
But who would think an Elepig
would have such purply hair?

Monday, September 2, 2013

Saying goodbye, so long, farewell

The journey can be dangerous so the traveling elves have may well wishers. Here is a dragonfly fairy, a hedgehog troll, and fairy pig. They are all saying their good-byes.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The traveling nobbins of Hob Knobby Hollow

Introducing the Nobbins that will journey through Hob Knobby Hollow this Year.
The elves had a great time this summer with parties and swimming, here at Hob Knobby Hollow. It is the beginning of the Journey season now and the travelers are- Piney who is the smallest, Fern has the leather hat and Red has well you can guess that. They embark on their journey with focused intention. They will patrol the Hollow to root out the problem fairies and send them packing. You probably know that many fairies are evil, mean, or malicious. We can tolerate a few practical jokes from imps and the like, but we must keep Hob Knobby Hollow sweet and dare I say cute! Last year they rescued the swamp donkey from the evil ogres. They expect more trouble has been brewing over the long summer and they are anxious to get on their way.  Red is new this year. He is a mighty troll with big muscles and an axe on his pack.  The packs are loaded on their backs. A cart of supplies has been prepared and a little pony will pull it as far as he is able to go. 

Sporc is the blue dragon. Fern raised him from a hatchling. He will help them get into magical places that require a dragon to enter. 
So let's be off then to the places of magic and wonder, to the strange and unknown, dangerous maybe, fun always.