Saturday, September 7, 2013


We have to cross the covered bridge
to get where we need to go.
I heard a huge bridge troll lives there” said Piney
Fern replied “No, that's just is not so.
It is just a rumor that you heard.
Folklore from long ago.”
Suddenly, there he was!
The hugest troll they'd ever seen.
He had a big nose too and looked menacingly mean.
He reached out and grabbed poor Piney
who let out a horrid scream.

Yum, said the troll “A tasty morsel will be your fate,
but lucky for you I just ate.”

They were hung in a tree in such a strong little cage,
that even Red's axe could not penetrate.
Baby Sporc was left to cry for his mom so loud,
he could summon rain out of the nearest cloud. 

As the troll just pondered who to eat first,
A big black cloud thundered and burst.  

There ends our story at least for today. 
Return to Hob Knobby Hollow soon, to see if they find a way,
 not to be a tasty snack for a bridge troll who is as awful as they say.

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