Sunday, September 1, 2013

The traveling nobbins of Hob Knobby Hollow

Introducing the Nobbins that will journey through Hob Knobby Hollow this Year.
The elves had a great time this summer with parties and swimming, here at Hob Knobby Hollow. It is the beginning of the Journey season now and the travelers are- Piney who is the smallest, Fern has the leather hat and Red has well you can guess that. They embark on their journey with focused intention. They will patrol the Hollow to root out the problem fairies and send them packing. You probably know that many fairies are evil, mean, or malicious. We can tolerate a few practical jokes from imps and the like, but we must keep Hob Knobby Hollow sweet and dare I say cute! Last year they rescued the swamp donkey from the evil ogres. They expect more trouble has been brewing over the long summer and they are anxious to get on their way.  Red is new this year. He is a mighty troll with big muscles and an axe on his pack.  The packs are loaded on their backs. A cart of supplies has been prepared and a little pony will pull it as far as he is able to go. 

Sporc is the blue dragon. Fern raised him from a hatchling. He will help them get into magical places that require a dragon to enter. 
So let's be off then to the places of magic and wonder, to the strange and unknown, dangerous maybe, fun always.  

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