Saturday, February 1, 2014

All new item for the Nobbins


What is a Nobbin Nook? It is a cozy little place made from a box and paper where your nobbins can live.

What are Nobbins? They are all the little trolls, fairies, and animals that live in Hob Knobby Hollow.
If you have bought a small nobbin from me, you will have received it in a jewelry box that measures 3” X 3” X 2.5”. Now you can take that box and turn it into a wonderful place for your nobbin to live.

You don't have a jewelry box? That is ok because you can make your own with the pattern enclosed.
This Sewing nook

 from THIS 

You don't have any nobbins? That is ok because each nook comes with nobbin characters made from paper or you can add your own little miniatures.

It is easy to do and children can really get involved if the grown-up does the cutting. All the accessories can be placed wherever you would like them to give that customized look. This little sewing nook will be featured in my Etsy shop very soon. It will be available as a pdf download or as a kit for folks that may not have color printer capabilities or would like to give this as a gift.
 More are in the works such as the wedding party and the fairy tree!

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