Sunday, March 16, 2014

Make a lighted log home for your fairy friends!

Here is an easy to make log home that your elves, fairies, trolls and all manner of critter will enjoy.
Start with an oatmeal box that is already round. You can go to your local Dollar type Store and find the accessories you need such as, a battery powered tea light, fabric flowers, and contact paper that looks like wood. which may also be called Magic Cover. It has a sticky side and comes in a roll.
1 Remove the oatmeal from the box  and make cookies with it if you would like.
2 Use an exacto knife to make an entrance hole in the box and a small hole in the lid for the light.

 3. Use the top as a template to cut a floor out of any green paper.
 Measure, and cut a piece of contact paper that is larger than you need and trim after you have it applied.

 Measure and cut a smaller piece of contact paper for the inside of the box.
 Use fabri tac or tacky glue to secure decorations, flowers and trims to the log entrance hole.
Super easy and super fun! Fill it with your favorite log dwellers. Wait ti dark and turn on your light. Magic!

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